The Importance of a Firm Foundation in your Organizational Culture

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a great example of the importance of building on a firm foundation. Started in 1173, it took two centuries to complete and engineers are still trying to find a way to keep it from leaning and rotating further. Unlike the foundation of a building, the foundation of organizational culture comes from the top; the C-Suite. How confident are you that your organization has a solid foundation for your culture? This is not an issue to take frivoulously as 75% of business transformations flat-out fail, resulting in an organization’s decline, failure, or their eventual extinction. A big reason for their failure? CEO’s and senior leadership teams who were not as diligent as they needed to be in creating and transforming their culture in support of their operating goals. Ted Turner is a Master Certified Executive Coach and has spent an entire career managing and engineering complex construction projects on four different continents. Ted joins Rich and Maikel on the importance of a firm foundation.

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