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Ted Turner

Master Certified Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach
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With over 40 years of leadership experience in the Engineering, Construction and Services industries, Ted has successfully managed large, complex projects in 31 states and 17 countries and four continents. His professional credentials include General Engineering licenses in four states and contractor licenses in 12 states, as well as certifications from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, The U.S. Navy Facilities Engineering Command, The Board of Certified Safety Professionals, The American welding society, IMD Lausanne Switzerland and other entities. He is co-author of the AACE Decision and Risk Management Professional Study Guide, and his accomplishments have been featured in Popular Science, The San Diego Union Tribune, The Austin Construction News, and other publications.

As a business executive Ted has directed business portfolios exceeding $3.5 Billion USD to profitable, safe, and timely completion. An example of his entrepreneurial acumen is the recent development of a small specialty contractor from $24 Million USD to $140 Million USD in yearly revenue while increasing EBITA from 6.7% to 16.2%

However, in Ted’s view those accomplishments pale in comparison to the successes in working with executives and others from around the world, bridging differences in culture, education, habit, language, religion, customs, experience, and attitudes to build cohesive teams of people that respect each other’s talents, show patience for their weaknesses, and embrace their mutual success.

Helping individuals and groups unlock their potential and realize successes they never thought possible have by far been the most rewarding experiences in a long and varied career.

Q and A with Your ILEC Coach

Why Coaching: Because I want to give back. I want to acknowledge those who mentored and coached me to success by doing the same for others. I am passionate about the success of others.

Why ILEC: Because what ILEC offers is truly unique. We do not just teach leadership skills, we build leaders, and leaders improve not only their businesses, but also their families, and communities.

To not only unlock the potential within a person but to expand the vision of that person, to erase artificial limits on the degree of success and happiness they can achieve and inspire them to do the same for others.

Managed merger of seven offices and business units, each with differing cultures, processes, procedures, software, and facilities into one cohesive-results driven team. Consolidation, standardization and upgrade of process, procedures, and software systems and cross training of staff resulting in more flexible, responsive, competent, and cost-effective delivery of services. Establishment of career path planning and advancement program. Establishment of formal mentorship program.

Cultivated long-term relationships with penitentiaries, halfway houses, high schools, and various organizations to serve underrepresented community members – which included the Burke Center for Youth, the Refuge, FFA, 4H, AGC’s “Youth Build” outreach,  MAGIC (Mentor a Girl in Construction) and numerous boy and girl scout troops. Recognized as a “Business Champion of Education” by the greater Austin Chamber of Commerce.

Somehow, I’ve managed to keep the world’s most amazing woman by my side for 36 years and counting. We’ve raised successful and happy children that we are proud of, who are now raising children of their own. Through the years we have had the opportunity to open our home to several homeless or challenged youth. It is humbling when they stay in touch and report on the success and happiness of their lives.

  1. A backbone tempered by compassion. Becoming a leader or improving one’s leadership can be uncomfortable. It requires commitment and effort. Many factors can disturb or disrupt the process, such as time constraints, self-doubt, unhealthy ego, or a myriad of other distractions. A coach needs to be focused, steadfast, and reliable, in other words provide a backbone. Coaches also need to remember that they are dealing with a human being. The journey, not just the result should be empowering and engaging. As your coach, I will be focused on the achievement of your goals.
  2. I am a clear and effective communicator, and active listener. Whether working one on one or addressing large gatherings I will be engaging, informative, and motivating.
  3. I have an ability to connect with others and build relationships of trust, along with a track record of developing leaders and solving problems. Together we will find your definition of succuss and together we will work towards its achievement.

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